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MADDland is a place where you leave all your worries behind and join me for some entertaining moments. I have been a 9-1-1 EMS dispatcher for many years now and by having this little corner on the web, I find release from the stress that a day behind the mic can bring. Here I can dwell on things that interest me both on and away from the job. Some of these interests include stories gathered on the job, my love of cats, my interest in Mothers Against Drunk Driving (erego the nick), and my ability to chat up a storm! *LOL* I hope you find my world enjoyable. Please, come in, grab a cup of coffee and a chair, and start your journey in to MADDland...
A website is like a relationship; ya gotta keep working on it...As you revisit MADDland, I hope you will see the changes evolve and appreciate what I have to say about things that are of interest to me. This site was "born" on 06/24/98.

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